The Kingdom of Serious

and the Kingdom of Silly 

Written by Tammy Brown Elkeles

Illustrated by Shahar Kober

Translations rights belong to Tamar Brown Elkeles

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The Kingdom of Serious and the Kingdom of Silly introduces us to five-year-old Prince Christopherious, who lives in the small Kingdom of Serious on a green island far away at sea.
The smart and adventurous prince is fond of learning and dreams of becoming a brave explorer and sea captain. We follow his journey as he decides to act out his dream, while everybody else is taking a seriously sensible afternoon nap, and boldly sets sail. When his boat reaches shore, he meets the witty and cheerful Princess Silly-Billie.
Although the Kingdom of Serious and the Kingdom of Silly are complete opposites, the princess and prince immediately find they have a lot in common and forge a strong friendship. Later on, he finds his way back home, relying on what he has learned about the Northern Star, and she too uses this knowledge to visit his kingdom in turn.
They both find each other’s world fascinating, enticing, and enriching, and learn from each other about the importance of being earnest and the bliss of being silly. He gets to experience the great fun in giggling from tickling, while she gets to enjoy the satisfaction of quenching her thirst for knowledge. Their companionship brings about great changes in their lives and kingdoms.
The Kingdom of Serious and the Kingdom of Silly is a captivating and entertaining story, which  shows with ingenuity and tenderness how opposite concepts such as "serious" and "silly" can bring us closer to ourselves and, in helping us find a balance between extremes, contribute to greater self-expression and harmony. It’s a story about growing up and the power of friendship to inspire us and develop our perceptiveness.

Ages 4-8

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